Marty Archibald





Marty started his comedy career in Salt Lake City. He quickly became a regular performer at the Wiseguys comedy clubs in northern Utah. After three years, he spent a brief one year stint in New York City. He returned to Salt Lake City a better comic and with less money. He now resides in Los Angeles.


Along with appearing on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom show, Marty has performed in many clubs across the country. Such as Denver Comedy Works, ACME, Gotham and Eastville. Besides comedy clubs, he’s performed in countless bars, four theaters and one brewery. 


He’s also been picked to perform in a number of festivals. SF SketchFest, Laughing Skull, Laugh Your Asheville Off, Derby City, Idaho Laugh Festival, and the Cleveland Comedy Festival are just a few. 


Marty was born in the valley of Cache. A small valley located in Northern Utah. He spent his first 25 years living in Cache Valley. Spending all his schooling years there and even attending Utah State University. Marty set a personal record by graduating from USU in just under 7 years. He has a degree in Journalism to show for his 7 years at USU.


Coming from humble beginnings, Marty became the man and comedian he is today by overcoming his middle-class upbringing and a family life that has been described as “a group of neighbors living together.”


Using stories of his neighbor-like family and stunted emotional attachment issues, Marty makes hundreds, if not thousands of people laugh on a nightly basis.